Cole is 2! A Mini Rainbow 🌈 Photo Shoot


So a quickie update on Cole- He is 2 (duh) and a very bright shining happy light. He does have the stubborn typical 2 year old behavior (see instagram stories for his over dramatic tantrums) Another sad, reluctant thing I am trying to decide is when I will stop sharing Cole on stories or here as much. I do not show the girls much because of age, safety, and to respect their autonomy and privacy as they did not choose for their Mom to be public online and I do not want to infringe on that. I hear from so many of you on stories that love Cole and I am thinking of creating a close friends list just for him. I am still lulling it over. It is very hard to create the balance and I am with Cole all the time and it is hard not to share his cuteness. All that to say it may be the last big photo shoot on here, I have no idea…

The boho rainbow balloon colors are unfortunately out of stock right now, but you can be notifed when they come back in! They were difficult to do, lol, and another piece rushed.

I made Cole’s rainbow shirt, you can check out the simple DIY for the boho rainbow tee here.

I also created a list of rainbow shirts you can purchase (and the felt rainbows are included in this, just click the image below for the link)

The two men in my life that have stolen my heart.

Nick took the photos of Cole and I, I don’t think he did bad, but I really need to set up tripod remote so I can get family pictures and angles correct. However, the photo shoot was pretty rushed, unfortunately, I both got physically ill the week of and very mentally ill so I did not get to do as much or work as much as I wanted. But, we got beautiful pictures of our boy and our girls (sorry, only Cole is here) and they all had a great time, which is what is most important.

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