January in Review!

January felt like the longest month ever… I know I was not alone in this and it just felt so long.

Nick’s growing farm now has alpacas. The first is Cinnamon! We got Snow on February 2nd and I actually do not have pictures yet (it is all video), so she will show up next month in review (or you can check on stories) they are so freaking cute and they are the first animals Nick has introduced that I really love. I hand feed the alpacas lettuce and Cinnamon is not a fan of people and he is loving on me because I hand feed him multiple times a day and essentially buy his love.

Colette turned 6, we had a Descendants birthday party, hence it not showing up on blog, lol. And I cannot believe we have a 6 year old.

One great thing about living in Arizona, is we get to eat outdoors during the winter months!

Anyhoo, a very short review for the longest month ever… I know I did a ton of things and I am struggling to remember, my mental health was failing a ton this month and some people may be unaware, but memory is affected a ton by depression, it sucks, I already have three kids and mom brain, lol. I am weaning off one medication that was not working great to another and my brain is not handling it well. I think I am finally turning around (I hope!) I did not start in a good place, as the holidays were difficult, so that may be a contributing factor.

One day, I hope to have a review that says I am doing freaking great and although life has and will always have difficulties, my depression is lifted.

Sounds so beautiful.


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