DIY Weather Station For Kids

Disclosure: I received the Cricut Joy & materials to create an instagram post seen here. many asked for the instructions and design, so I followed up with blog post!

diy kid weather station

One of the activites Colette misses (my kindergartener) during quarantine from school is the weather station they have in the classroom. We used a piece of paper for awhile to choose the weather of the day, but I decided to make a weather station for them to use at home and stop wasting paper. With some wood and the Cricut Joy, we made the cutest little weather station!

diy kid weather station

Cricut Joy
Your choice of color Vinyl (I used white, yellow, blue & some pink)
Piece of Wood (you can make any size you want, we chose X)
Additional Wood Piece to make arrow

Before quarantine, I used to always check Home Depot’s scrap wood piles and hoard any wood pieces I thought I could use in the future on wood diy projects (much to the dismay of Nick) but extra pretty wood can always be used- like for this project- a diy kid weather station or wood back drops for photos or any wood project I may need in the future.

1) Sand down the sides of the wood to avoid little wood cuts on any tiny fingers
2) Drill a hole in center of wood
3) Using an arrow stencil (I made an arrow vinyl in Cricut Design Space to use)
4) Cut wood arrow out using a saw
5) Attach arrow to the wood board by using a nut and bolt, you will need to loosen and tighten the bolt as you use the weather station often
6) Print out all shapes (depending upon size wood you use you increase or decrease the size of the shapes as needed.

The drill part is not complicated although it may sound it, you are just drilling two holes- one in arrow and one in wood piece. Making the arrow I left up to Nick, but you can also find some wooden arrow shapes.

I looked for the cutest weather images on Cricut’s Design Studio Space and came up with the cloud, raindrops and sun. However, I made a VERY Arizona mistake- I forgot snow!! I added a snowflake to the Cricut project for you to use though!
Also, I did not even catch my mistake until someone posted on Instagram that they would need snow, lol. I did not realize the snow flake ever- even weeks after I made it and weeks after the kids used the weather station every day. I am so sorry, I am in such an Arizona bubble! Speaking of which, Arizona has already hit past 100, so ours pretty much remains on the sun these days! Enjoy the diy weather station and bring the classroom into your home!

diy kid weather station

diy kid weather station

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