DIY Gift Box- How to Make Your Own Reed Essential Oil Diffuser

diffuser gift set

Mother’s Day is coming and I wanted to create a cute little gift set for you to send in mail or to drop off on her doorstep during these quarantine times when we unfortunately cannot visit our Moms.

Also, Mother’s Day can be difficult for a lot of people and my heart goes out to you- those who are trying to become Moms themselves, ones who have lost their Moms and more.
Most of you know I lost my Mom a couple years ago and Mother’s Day is a very difficult “holiday” for me and last year we thought we found a great solution to enjoying the day, but it included being out and about which is impossible right now. However, Nick and the kids do spoil me! There is no right or wrong way to grieve and it changes all the time how I deal with it.

diffuser gift set

Anyhow, I think we can ALL use the calming, peace a diffuser kit creates around the home. Making your own reed essential oil diffuser is very easy and not just for Mother’s Day, an essential oil diffuser gift set is a great gift for any holiday, and during quarantine- a great gift any day? We should surround ourself with all the essential oils these days, cover our freaking bodies in it, bathe in it- lol! (I’m not a doctor I have no idea if that is safe, it is a joke)

Diffuser Sticks
Glass Bud Vase (I hoard cute glass bottles, the one I used was a bottle that used to have sprinkles in it, but cute bud vases are available as well)
Essential Oil
Carrier Oil
Faux Florals of your choosing (Michael’s has curbside pick up!) not sponsored btw, I just was excited they had it!

All you do is package the items nicely in a box and send to your Mom or you can create the whole thing and drop off on door step like a bouquet of flowers. Include a gift box beside it with the extras- carrier oil, essential oil and diffuser sticks.

diffuser gift set

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