Modern Kid Cute Fruit Art For Playroom Nursery

Omygosh how cute is this little pear!

I am in process of making some changes to Cole’s room and changing it from a baby nursery to a “big kid” room. (insert me crying). One of the changes is to the art in his room and I am on an art search to update his room. Art is an affordable way to make changes to a room without over hauling everything.

One of my ideas is cute fruit kid art. Next up will be car art (that kid is obsessed with cars). The art is from a variety of places- but a quick note about Society6 and IamFy. I always suggest waiting for one of their sales- they do them almost every other week, if not every other week for about 30% off and you can order them affordably framed if you want! I have not had a problem with the quality of the framing, but frankly, I am not going to get kid art that I will probably have up for a year or two professionally framed ($$$$). If you do want to frame them yourselves- check out this post to learn how to frame art for a steal!

Here are some cuties I found!

Adorable Peach Art Print

Adorable Fruit- Three Printables- Cherry, Lemon & Pear

Candy Apples Pastel Art Print

Funny Pink & Black Banana Smiley Face Art Print

Cute Fruit Party Art Print

Mon Cherrie Art Print – I love this one, it is so cute that Mon Cherrie means “My Darling” however, I am not sure the bold red works in his room

All the Cute Fruits Art Printable

Fruits of the Sprit Art Print

Fruits Art Print

Cute Orange Art Print

Cute Avocado Art Print

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