PARTY: Halloween BOO Charcuterie Board

We all know I love making charcuterie boards and I wanted to make a fun and practical one for Halloween. If you want a more adult charcuterie board, I have a fall inspired charcuterie board here for you to check out.

 The BOO Halloween charcuterie version could go for an adult or children’s party because it is not just dessert and can be an actual meal. I think the difference between this one and other ones I’ve seen for Halloween is I made the B and the first O- “real” food. I filled it with black and white food items. The last O Is the final course– dessert- and filled with black and white candies. I will list the foods and candies I used below.
To get started, I purchased B O O wooden letters, You can also print out the letters in a large size and cut them on cardboard. My cutting skills are awful so I decided to purchase wooden letters instead.
I then divided up the food into two platters for easy organizing.
All three letters were decorated with the cute ghosts chips from Trader Joe’s to add to the Halloween vibe. Even though they were not dessert food- they are so cute I could not resist including them!


Black olives


Kalamata olives

Dark grapes


White Cheeses

(Warning: I love both grapes and olives, but I did eat a grape when I meant to bite into an olive and it was a shocking surprise )

If you want to include some meats to the meal & keep the black and white theme, simply add it to an additional plate. Or make your BOO multiple colors!

Dessert Candy:

Dark chocolates

Yogurt covered candies

White chocolate & dark chocolate chips

Black licorice

Add skeleton hands or any Halloween decor to add to the theme of a Halloween party!

If you need a candy Halloween idea, check out the cutest Halloween Candy Bark here!

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