Honest Influencer Review: Always Pan, Caraway & Dansk

On Instagram, I asked followers if they wanted reviews of all the instagram influencer recommendations that flood our feeds daily- the answer was a resounding yes and you also gave me a list of items you want to hear about- I am working on all your ideas! 

I am influenced as well to purchase these items, so I own a bunch of them. For the items in this review  I am not sponsored by any of these brands and the links I share are friends and family referral links most anyone can use. 

I am calling it the honest review, not because influencers “lie” but there are reasons we are wrong! One detail that can be missed is we receive products and the turnaround to talk about them is immediate.  Sometimes, after a certain amount of use we discover the product is not as good as we thought it was.  I have a review coming on sheets- after a year of use one popular brand was ripped to shreds- and I recommended them back in the day! I felt terrible but I did not know until after long term use. Anyhow, hopefully you understand what I mean.  And a disclaimer: I’ve received many products that I did NOT like and therefore, I do not recommend, many influencers I personally know do not recommend items they do not like.

For my first review, I do have pros and cons but I love every pan on this list, I think they are all worth the hype for different reasons. My cooking skills- I am an excellent at home cook (it is one of the things I have no imposter syndrome on). I believe you need an excellent knife and cookware. I am very picky of the supplies I use, I am not an occasional cook but everyday one from gourmet meals to daily annoying kid meals.  Also, I have an induction stovetop and all below work for induction.

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Quick Overview of Results-

Caraway is the only full SET of pots and pans on the review and they are my favorite pots and pan set of multiple I have tried- Circulon, All Clad, Green Pan, Le Creuset (awful to clean) etc…  Caraway Pots

Always Pan is my go to dinner pan.  With this link you get $20 off your first order!

Dansk is my you-are-so-pretty on a table.   Pick up a variety of colors on Amazon

The Details- 

Easy to Clean

1- Caraway- winner

2- Always Pan (still not bad to clean, but Caraway is SO easy) 

3- Dansk- Difficult to clean

For actual cooking (lol, so not just to look pretty)

Caraway- even cooking, stovetop to oven and as a set has what you need (actually I would like a smaller fry pan as part of set)

Dansk- even cooking, stovetop to oven

Always pan- Last here for 2 reasons, you need more oil in pan than Caraway when cooking for the non stick. Also, you canNOT put it in oven.  Personally, that does not bother me at all because I do not do a lot of stovetop to oven cooking.  However, it may be a sore point for others and if you are looking to invest in one pan this would not be the one to pick.

Aesthetics– (obviously this part is personal opinion)

1- Dansk– winner- my favorite- looks so pretty on the table.  A mid-century design, comes in lots pretty colors, this is my show stopper and always complimented at dinner parties. (and I need prettier things for styling work…) 

2- Caraway- simple, minimalist.  I have not seen another pots and pan set that is both pretty and functional! (green pan does have some colorful sets but I have had so much trouble cleaning them after certain meals I am never buying another one)

3- Always pan- fun colors, not my personal favorite table setting beauty

Unique, Individual Factors

Always pan-  THIS I LOVE- a spoon slot on the side of the pan where you can hold your cooking utensil inside the pan without leaving the lid open.  The Always pan comes with it’s own cooking utensil and it has a hole where you can attach the utensil to the pan.  The good news is, you can fit any utensil there and do not have to use just the one that comes with the pan.  The utensil slot seriously makes you wonder why it does not exist on all pans.  

Danke- the lid is a trivet- I LOVE it!

Caraway- Comes with a lid holder and set organizer- I cannot use these due to my kitchen space but I really really wish I could

Longevity- (holding up after use)

So so far so good on all 3.  My Always pan I have owned at least a year and it is my most used, I own 2 because I have one for the cabin, but I used solely one that past year.  No damage or loss of non-stick.  Wooden spoon pretty beat up but that is to be expected I think.   No complaints about Caraway, wonderful condition. Dansk is more prone to scratches because it is enamel so use only wooden utensils and take good care of it, it does require more work to take care of these but it is worth it!

Whew that is all for pots and pans!  Want something reviewed? Let me know, I have a good list going so far!

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