DIY Driftwood Table

* I am currently snuggling a little newborn and have some awesome bloggers taking my place for a bit.  I “met” Morgan at the amazing Alt For Everyone and love her coastal blog- Charleston Crafted, makes me want to move to South Carolina!! Thank you Morgan & Sean!

How to Make a Driftwood Table
Hey y’all! We are Morgan & Sean, the voices behind Charleston Crafted, a blog about crafting a colorful, coastal life inspired by beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. We love anything outdoors, foodie, and DIY, and spending as much time as possible with our beagle mix, Cici, and new kitten, Bear. We’re so excited to be sharing a project that we are very proud of with A Bubbly Life and hope that you will pop over to our page to see more of what we’ve done!

We live in Charleston, South Carolina and aim to have a Coastal Chic vibe to our condo, without looking like we have a beach theme. We recently took a trip to a local lake and collected a large selection of driftwood while boating.
The driftwood sat on our porch untouched for a couple of months because I knew it needed to dry out really well. After floating around in a lake for an undetermined amount of time, the wood was soaked deeply so I didn’t want to do a construction project knowing that the wood could change as it dried.

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Sean built the base of the table mostly using the “guess and check” method. He set up the pieces and saw what looked best but was also stable. There were two good pieces we found that had several prongs that he knew would work well as a base. He figured out a way to wedge them together and then used several 3 1/2″ tan screws to secure them together. The big pieces worked well as a solid base, but he used some angled pieces to ensure that it was stable from all angles.
It was very important that the table had a flat top (duh!) We bought a big round piece of glass for the top of the table for $5 off craigslist, but it needed a solid driftwood base below it.
The best plan was going to be to connect some of the curving pieces to the base that he had already built that would allow him to stabilize the glass top. It came down to just many, many tries until we got a look that we liked and that would be flat.

Once we liked the look, Sean used brown screws to attach the branches together permanently.
Next, we decided to seal the whole thing like we did when we refinished this side table. We let the seal dry and then brought it inside.
We love how it turned out! It has the perfect coastal chic vibe that I was hoping for!

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