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I am so excited to reveal my master closet!!!! If you follow me on Instagram stories, you saw the process of me decorating and designing the closet over the Summer.  It was such a fun project to work on after years of Nick & I having metal racks for our closets.  The master closet was a lot bigger than we intended.  Nick originally made the plans and when we received them, he realized he made my master too large, however, it cost way too much to change the house plans, and he decided to roll with it.  I did not mind. 🙂

This is what I call my Monica closet.  If you watched Friends, you know Monica is anal and organized and for years had one closet where she just threw a bunch of crap into. So, this closet holds random sheets, picture frames, and I dont even know what else because I am too scared to open it now. But, it sure does look pretty all nice and closed!

So grateful for these windows in my closet, it is always a cheery spot.  On the shelf lies some warm scarfs and a warm hat, which is pretty unnecessary in Arizona, but I have needed them for travel here and there over the years.

And, the disco ball in the closet sends pretty flashes of light in the afternoon.

We use wooden barn doors for our closet doors (Nick’s side has them as well) We scored these on clearance at Lowe’s during the remodel process.  Here is my little entryway to closet and it is part of maybe my favorite room in house- I call it the crazy plant lady room and it will be shown on blog someday (probably after holidays) And you get a little view of it here.

So, I loveeeeeeee, love, love, love shoes. After Colette, my foot went up an ENTIRE size. I was a normal sized 8 and now I am a 9 (ahhhhhhhh!!!) It is one of those dirty little secrets they do not tell you about pregnancy- your feet can grow bigger and not go back, and I do not mean wider, I mean LONGER. Anyhow, it did not happen with Kalia, but did with Colette and I do not think my small frame can handle a size 10 foot, so I hope baby boy doesn’t do it! (Plus, I do not want to lose all my shoes AGAIN)

On the other side are my purses, which I do not grow out of except taste wise, yeay!

Pretty pink boxes… I picked up these light pink storage boxes at Hobby Lobby (they are not available online) I had to go to multiple Hobby Lobby’s to get enough, each one would only have 1-3 at a time! Nick would run in every time he saw a Hobby Lobby and together we completed it! Whew hoo!! The pink boxes hold photos and letters from all our years together (yes, we are old and used to write LETTERS to each other!) We were long distance for a couple years in college, boot camp, Ranger school, and more. I love them. If our house caught on fire and all living creatures were safe, I would throw these boxes in a garbage bag and run! They are not labeled and are turned backwards because I did not like the label look, haha.

You may recognize these DIYs- marble & wood hooks holding my gym bag & wood jewelry organizer.

Because a girl can never have too much jewelry (and my girls like to play with mine) I keep my heirloom and actual gem jewelry in these containers instead of hanging on the wood jewelry organizer with my trendy, everyday jewelry.

And this pineapple dish is just cute.

Hope you enjoyed, I really love my closet and a special thank you to Nick for making it possible, he had it installed to help distract me after a tumultuous time in a very low depression. I had a blank slate to design, decorate and get my clothes off a single metal rack and shoes off the floor. The distraction was much needed and the closet makes me smile. Designing and decorating spaces you live in and love is not just about looks and it is more about how it can make you feel. Thank you, Nick <3. (Can you tell I'm pregnant and super mushy and hormonal??)

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  1. Tamsyn says:

    Oh my goodness! I am in love!! Such a beautiful space. (Ps my feet went up a full size too after Lincoln, I hated it)

  2. paige says:

    obsessed!! what cabinets did you use? I have to start thinking about ours real soon!

  3. John Hartil says:

    I hope my wife does not see this! It looks perfect for our bedroom.

  4. nancy says:

    Congratulations about your new baby!! And I’m late to the party but I think tulle. Much more bubbly.
    My feet didn’t grow while I was pregnant (twice) but as I approach 65 they have grown at least a size. I *try* to be happy I have feet, not everyone does.

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