Beet Fruit Smoothie Bowl Recipe

It is January and per my usual in January, I am updating the blog with a smoothie recipe instead of a cocktail this month. Which works out pretty well for me since I am pregnant and not drinking alcohol. Not gonna lie, I miss it 😉 Do you participate in “Dry January”? I usually do not totally abstain but I take a very conscious break to limit calories, alcohol and food splurges after the holiday season.

Smoothies are common around our household. I love them, Nick loves them (and adds protein powder & other workout stuff I am not into to his smoothies) the girls love them and it is such an easy, delicious way to sneak in vegetables for the girls. Kalia, my eldest, is SO picky, so I have to be creative to get that kid to eat some flipping vegetables.

The recipe for the smoothie bowl is more a guidance, I add substitutions all the time based on what we have in our house, but these ingredients are pretty standard around here.

4 Small Beets (because my time is limited & I am kinda lazy, I buy prepackaged beets from Trader Joe’s, you will have a couple left over for the package)
1 Banana
1/2 cup of Spinach (I also use kale, but spinach adds little change to the flavor, so spinach is much easier to “hide” from picky eaters)
1/4 cup of Raspberries
4 Medium Strawberries
For topping- coconut flakes, raspberries, banana slices, strawberry slices, almonds (whatever you like, other options are granola, flax seed, chia, etc…)

Some tips for smoothies and smoothie bowls- Use some frozen fruit or veggies as part of the blend. I prefer frozen fruit over ice because I rather add flavor. The smoothie is SO much better cold, so frozen something is a must.

Enjoy and cheers to a very healthy 2018!!

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