RECIPE- Watermelon Lemonade Cooler Cocktail Recipe- No Sugar Added

Summer is coming to an end (well, in Arizona notsomuch, but in other parts of the country, the temps are cooling off.  Before you say goodbye to Summer though, try a watermelon cooler- it is SO refreshing and it is really great as a mocktail- just leave out the vodka!  After the shoot, I drank it without vodka and loved it! (Behind the scenes fact- I typically do not use alcohol for the photos unless it would change the color, clear vodka can be subbed for water for color, so I do not use it) 


3 parts- Fresh Watermelon Juice- I made my own by picking up a seedless watermelon & blending

1 part- Fresh Lemon Juice

1 part vodka

A few mint leaves

Mint for garnish

Blend watermelon juice, lemon juice, whole mint leaves, I served the juice separately, then added a shot of vodka per guest request.  I like mine on the tart side, so I add a bit more lemon, most people seem to like sweet however, so I cut down lemon in the recipe itself.  Watermelon juice is very sweet, so I do not think added sugar or simple syrup is necessary at all.

The cocktail makes a great party recipe because you can keep the juice bottled and simply add vodka to drink, instead of making each drink individually from scratch.

Enjoy these last few weeks of Summer and please send some cold air to my 109 degree way.

watermelon lemonade cocktail

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