DIY Felt Shooting Star Tree Topper

star tree topper

Need a tree topper? For some reason we do, Nick & I have no clue why we do not have ANY anymore, I suppose lost in the holiday shuffles. I grabbed some supplies I already had at home, I had lots of yarn from my rainbow macrame diys . and created a shooting star christmas tree topper.

star tree topper

Two pieces of felt
Star Template in the size you want (I just used google search images)
Sewing Scissors
Glue (read note below)

So, this is one of the rare times I suggest sewing over glue, even I could sew this with my very little to none sewing abilities, BUT, I do not have any sewing supplies because I do not sew and decided to glue instead so I would not have to buy anything new.

Step One: Cut out your stars, I cut the two sheets at same time using the template.

star tree topper

Step Two: Glue star edges and fill with fluff.
star tree topper

I used clothespins to hold the glue.
star tree topper

Once dry, you can attach a loop in order to hang on tree. Cut a rectangle to create a loop and glue t o back of star (again, you can easily sew that on)

star tree topper

Create tassels for the shooting star. Here is a link on how to create tassels.

star tree topper

Attach to your tree! This is ours on our actual tree, well the white “A Bubbly Life” Christmas tree…

star tree topper

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