DIY Macrame Rainbow Ornaments

macrame rainbow christmas tree ornaments

A couple months back when I made some diy macrame rainbow keychains– I KNEW I would be bringing them back for Christmas time.  They are the cutest little things and I love the little rainbow ornaments on my tree & I also decided to add the rainbow ornament to my stocking with some yarn pom poms as a cute little charm.

The how to is the same from the macrame keychains, the only difference is the end, there is no adding a keychain holder and you just tie the yarn to make a loop for hanging! Follow along for the material list and the step by step or scroll for the final cute little rainbow ornaments!

macrame rainbow christmas tree ornaments

Material List:
3 colors of yarn
Wooden Beads (14 mm)
Stainless Steel Wire
Rope (my rope is pink, because I had dyed it for another DIY- copper hanging planter)

step by step to make macrame rainbow keychains

Shape rope into three arch shapes

make your own rainbow keychains

Cut rope ends off, be sure to leave the frayed yarn for the rainbow “clouds”

make your own rainbow keychains

Measure wire to individual rope and cut to size.

diy rainbow keychains

Tie yarn to the end of the rainbow (making sure wire and rope are inside) and wrap around until wire and rope are covered, tie at other end.

make your own rainbow keychains

After all three rainbow arches are covered in yarn, tie one piece of yarn to the top rainbow arch.

Glue all three rainbow arches together. (you can also sew, but I just always find glueing easier)

diy rainbow keychains

Add wooden beads to the hanging yarn piece, tie yarn in a knot to form a loop to hang on tree or add to a stocking.

macrame rainbow pom pom stocking

white christmas tree and stocking
macrame rainbow christmas tree ornaments


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