DIY Pom Pom & Rainbow Car Oil Diffusers

rainbow and pom pom car oil diffusers

Don’t hate me for another cutie rainbow diy idea. I added pom poms to the mix this time. While I love my keychain idea, inspired because I was co-hosting a real estate home event, I do not use keychains anymore. So, my rainbow is used in my car for an oil diffuser. It kinda covers up all the kids junk smell but also is a stress receiver. I use aromatherapy as part of my ever growing self care list to manage my depression. I am in my car A LOT (school pick up, hello) so an oil diffuser is a better use for me than a keychain. Rainbow, pom pom, tassels- whatever you like! Just drop a scent onto the wooden beads and you are good to go!

P.S.- If you are attending Alt Summit, I am teaching a workshop and you can make one and bring it home! My workshop is Monday, March 2nd at 2:30 pm and I hope to see you there!

rainbow and pom pom car oil diffusers

Material List:
Pom Pom/Tassel version:
Wooden Beads (14 mm)

Rainbow Version:
3 colors of yarn   (I also made all white ones)
Wooden Beads (14 mm)
Stainless Steel Wire

How to Make the Macrame Rainbow Essential Oil Diffuser Version:

1) Make arches for the rainbow with the long rope and cut into three arches (I chose 3, you could do more, but the keychain will get bigger and bigger)
2) Cut the wire a little bit shorter than the individual arches.
3) Tie a knot on one end (I double knot all the knots) and begin to wrap the yarn around the wire and the rope and repeat until each arch is covered (leaving the frayed part undone for the “cloud”) Tie a knot at end and cut excess yarn.
diy steps for rainbow keychain or diffuser

How to Make the Pom Pom Version:


1)Wrap yarn around cardboard, repeat until you get the sized pom pom you would want. I wanted a large fluffy one, so I just kept wrapping away.
2)Slide yarn off cardboard and place on top off an individual strand of yarn that is extra long. (In the photos I used a different color yarn so that you can see the directions better, you will want to use the same color yarn for yours so it matches!)
3)Tie the individual strand of yarn around the middle. Double or triple knot it.
4)Cut the yarn all around to open it up and make your pom pom. Trim as needed to create a more circular shape.
(ignore the keychain step, the diy step photo is from a prior tutorial) Add wooden beads to the top of string.

how to make a pom pom

rainbow and pom pom car oil diffusers

rainbow and pom pom car oil diffusers

rainbow and pom pom car oil diffusers

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  1. Lisa says:

    Do you put the oil on the wooden beads or the yarn?

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