DIY Rainbow Wall Decals

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A few months ago, I decided to get rid of my office/craft space  and turn the room into a guest bedroom.  At the time it was a better use of space, haha but now with COVID we have not had any visitors.  Either way, I wanted to clean out my craft supplies and condense it all down to one cabinet in my bedroom.  I rarely worked in my office and it essentially became a room to hold a ton of craft supplies from various projects over the years.  And this is why I love the Cricut Joy, it is small, manageable and I can move it around the house easily- I am working at my dining table here and I also work on our kitchen island or on couch while Nick watches tv.  

For this Cricut project I wanted to create rainbow wall decals. Cole’s room has a couple rainbow decor items in it, we consider him a little miracle baby (not because of any infertility but for other reasons) and rainbow is really fitting for our little guy.  Anyhow, one corner of his room is pretty plain, I got rid of some baby items and it sat empty, so I decided to turn the corner into a little play area and wanted to decorate it with rainbows.  

cricut joy materials

And if you notice in the photos, there is no cutting mat! The Cricut Joy does not require a cutting mat because it uses Cricut Smart Design, which makes it one less thing to fill up my craft space as well.

cricut joy materials

Here I am waiting for the rainbow designs to be cut! You can check out the Cricut Design Space project link here to make your own rainbows, the Cricut Design Space can be accessed via your phone as well, making it super easy and convenient to do.

cricut joy


Cricut Joy

Vinyl in desired colors

Cricut Design Space Rainbow Project Link

For my rainbows I used the Cricut Joy Vinyl in Taupe, Blush and Light Pink.  I did some rainbows with two arches and some with three arches.

close up of rainbow decals

Cole is super into cars at the moment and I took out the baby swing and replaced it with a car track set.  He loves it!  And I love how the rainbows brighten up an otherwise boring blank wall in his room.

play room rainbow decals

rainbow decals how to make

Now that this project is done, any suggestions for what decal I should create for our little bathroom in Flagstaff?? We are air bnbing it so I am much more daring and bold with my design in Flagstaff than I am at home where I am more minimalist.   So, I am willing to take a risk- but I hate florals for wallpaper, I love citrus, but isn’t that weird in a bathroom?

We visit Flagstaff to escape the Phoenix heat of 100plus degrees.  And that makes another reason I love the Circuit Joy, I can bring it back and forth with me.  Even if I used another machine and printed beforehand and brought the vinyl sheets with me, I may not do enough, or change my mind, so I prefer to have the machine with me to make any adjustments as needed.

Let me know your thoughts on bathroom decals, lol!

Check out the Cricut Blog for more ideas and inspiration!

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