How to Make A Huge Wood Frame For Large Art


how to frame oversized art

We recently were on the hunt for some very oversized, large art prints (55 X 79 and 40 X 55) for some big spaces at the cabin in Flagstaff.  It was very hard to find affordable big art. I came across Juniper Print Shop (which happens to be local to Arizona!) and they create very affordable oversized art prints.

The art prints are also sized to fit large IKEA frames, which makes it a very affordable way to get large art framed (and trust me, I searched a long time, this is not sponsored and Juniper Print Shop had best prices and thankfully beautiful choices). The one shown above is the 40 X 55 print. (The two art prints we chose are Confetti One and Confetti Two_). Can you imagine the cost of framing these large art prints professionally? We are talking VERY very expensive, like not worth it expensive. 

When I checked out the suggested IKEA frames,  I wasn’t a huge fan and Nick and I decided to make our own wood frames to fit the oversize art prints.  However, the bonus of the IKEA frames is that you can tighten the art print to avoid bubbles and ripples- this was probably the most difficult thing to fix.

We had some trial and error making the oversized wood frame for the art and now, we are so happy with the final results.

I shared a bit of process on Instagram stories and you wanted more info on how to make the over-sized art frame- so here it is!  Since we were at our cabin, all photos are off my iphone and a bit off- try not to judge, lol.

How to Make An Affordable Wood Frame for Large Art

HDF Tile Board- cut at the home improvement store to size needed (only $13)

4 pieces of Maple Wooddue to the large art print, we needed 4, use your measurements to get the amount you need- also, you are making angled cuts, so you will have to make cuts yourself

Miter Saw

Staple Gun (we purchased an electric one) 

Duct Tape

Hanging Hardware

Lay the tile board down and place art print on top.

Juniper Print Shop’s big art is a type of thick paper, it is not canvas. Work with another person and tape the sides down as the other person “irons out” the wrinkles with their hands to get the tightest hold with the duct tape.  I would say this is the most difficult part and attention to detail is very important.

Alternatively, staple gun the art to the board but we were worried about ripping- we actually have another large art print to frame, so I will update the post if it works.

Make sure the tape showing on the front of art piece is a small line, remember the wood frame is covering the duct tape and keep that size in mind. Our line was very thin with most duct tape in back. The duct tape is necessary to tighten the art.

Cut your wood frame pieces down to size and use a miter saw to cut the 45 degree angle needed.

cut 90 degree angle on wood frame

We stapled gunned the wood frame together. We, as in Nick did and I took photos… Place the wood frame on top of the completed art and board and staple together from the BACK of the composite wood to attach the wood frame.

Attach hanging hardware.

Here is the back of the large frame- it is not sexy looking, but no one sees it, so that is ok.

Hang your large art print (we screwed it into the studs for safety) or awkwardly hold for a photo.

how to frame oversized art

Let me know if you try it, I received so many requests on Instagram for the tutorial, I would love to check out your framed large art print!  It is affordable (unless you do not own a miter saw, borrow one from a neighbor/friend or rent?) Good Luck! 

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