Playroom Rainbow Mural

how to make a rainbow mural for playroom

Our old playroom wall was a geometric design with the girls favorite colors at the time- pink and purple.  I seriously was sick of it pretty fast, lol.  I wanted to change the design for a couple years, but never made the time to and with kids around seemed impossible to get that time to do.

However, with quarantine and being home ALL the time, the wall actually started to annoy me & the playroom is in middle of the house, so there as no ignoring it.  I really wanted to redo it, but when would I have the freaking time!?  quarantine and kids home 24-7…  I could just see Cole covered in paint walking around house…

Then we randomly decided I needed a break cuz I was going insane from quarantine (tbh, my depression was hitting hard and fast)  Nick took the kids to Flagstaff without me for 2 nights (I met them the 3rd day 🙂 and I got to work on the playroom mural wall and receive a much needed break from the chaos.

The wall took me a day and a half to do (covering up that purple and pink took a few coats and that is a lot of drying time) Even tho I had been saving and looking at playroom murals since March (when quarantine began) I still had no idea what I was going to do and the decision was pretty last minute.  

My final decision was inspired by this photo.  Except she is a professional mural artist and I am just me ha!  But I loved the rainbow being both right side up and upside down in her mural so that is what I wanted to do to.

Material- How to Paint A Rainbow Mural for Playroom (or anywhere!)

Paint Colors I used:

Peach Darling (the light tan one)

Hawaiian Shell (bolder pink)

Peach Tone (very light pink)

2 Inch Angled Brush for the arches- I would do one swoop & then go over the second half of the arch again as the paint thinned out- (this added to the muted watercolor effect that I really like, if you want a bold, solid colored arch, a couple coats would be needed & painter’s tape & a different tutorial than me lol) 

A ton of different little sized art paintbrushes for fix me ups (as in IKEA kid brushes, nothing special) 

Towels- hot & soaked & dry ones

paint swatch colors light pink pink and tan

I wanted a muted, pastel look and I think I got it!  If it is not obvious, I freehanded each arch for the rainbows.   I had a hot, wet towel in hand in case I messed up really big and I immediately wiped the paint off and then dried it off.

how to make a rainbow mural for playroom

how to make a rainbow mural for playroom

The biggest rainbow was the most difficult-  I used a 3 inch angled brush and unfortunately, it was my first rainbow, and I got better the more arches I did. Practice makes perfect! I think I would have gone with 2 smaller arches if I knew that, lol.  Although, honestly I love the wall, so I am fine with the large rainbow being a bit off.  I would have painted over it as I did another arch (see below) but I ended up liking it.  My advice is to note that larger arches will be harder to freehand and larger brushes are harder to control (well, depending on your hand size, ha!).

miffy the bunny in front of pink rainbow

how to make a rainbow mural for playroom

how to make a rainbow mural for playroom

pink phone in front of rainbow mural

After the arches were dry, I went in and corrected missed spots and filled in areas I may have missed or to correct an arch.  I had to step back and forth away from the wall (a lot) to see what I needed.

woman painting a rainbow

I was not sure I loved it and decided to sleep on it and when I woke up and looked at it- I loved it!  I loved it all except one arch… I originally had four paint colors and one rainbow was a darker tan paint color and I ended up not wanting to use the darker paint after staring at the rainbow.  So, I had to repaint that one corner and I am soooo glad I took the time to do it because I love the final result and the final three paint colors for the wall.

I know I posted two with him holding the phone, but I could not resist this little devil grin.

how to make a rainbow mural for playroom

Phew that was a long post, thanks for sticking around, lol!

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