DIY Confetti Surprise Balloons

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Anyone graduating this winter? I was a winter graduate – GO ASU! I can’t believe another graduation season is almost here and while staying at home these days is our new normal, our celebrations and parties at home are becoming bigger and better!

I’ve used the Balloon Time® Standard Helium Kit® for years for our parties – I love to have a ton of balloons at all our get-togethers! Have you ever tried to pick up 20 helium-filled balloons from a store and fit it in your car? It is the worst. They pop, fly away and just give me anxiety while I wait for the pop, so I no longer do that, haha. I much rather have a compact helium tank that can sit in my passenger seat and some balloons in bags in my car and at home. This is one of the many reasons I prefer to use a helium tank at home – it is easy to use, safe and convenient. You can find the tanks at many stores and pick up your party supplies at the same time, for a location near you, check out Balloon Time’s website here

For the DIY Confetti Balloons, making the balloons at home is a must. You can choose whatever confetti you want instead of purchasing the stock confetti balloons. For graduation, you can pick your school colors for the confetti and the balloons.

I wanted a winter look for the graduation party without being the leftover typical holiday colors of red and green. I used holographic curtains, holographic party horns and disco balls. I did the party set up first, including balloons with normal air for the floor, before I made the helium-filled confetti balloons. I like to do the balloons last because the longer the balloons last, the better. We still have the large balloons seen in the photos! The kids love playing with them.

Here is how to make your own confetti balloons at home!

DIY Confetti Surprise Balloons!

Ballon Time Helium Tank

Attach ballon to bottom of funnel and add confetti to funnel. 

Push confetti down using a pen (or pencil)

Attach to the Balloon Time helium tank.

And blow up the confetti balloon.

I like to attach the balloons to the tank as I blow up so I can keep it organized.

If you remember, I cleared out my craft room into one cabinet, so space is limited now without my office. But I can store the tank in any closet- this one is in kids playroom closet (I cleared out their playroom too during Quarantine) and embarrassingly enough, I realized I had another one in my closet, lol! I kept it under my long dresses and it was so compact I hadn’t noticed I still had one. Cleaning up the tank is easy- the confetti not so much, lol.

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