Make your Own Iron On Christmas Tee or Sweatshirt!

I loved making Cole his own t shirts for Halloween, it was so fun to have him wear something original made by me! He also “helps” me by pressing down on the tee shirt with me and pressing buttons on the Cricut. He is too cute!

I let Cole “help me” pull of Santa Baby design hence the missing B part…

I am loving the pink and red look together for Christmas this year which is unusual for me, I tend to go less colorful (besides pink of course) but I think the color combination works well and Cole looks adorable.

I did do a white one for a friend that is super minimalist, as the red was too much for her and you can do any color combo you want with your t-shirt and iron on vinyl.

be merry pink and red and white tee shirts

Materials Needed:

Pink Tees

Iron on Red Vinyl (I use my Cricut Joy )

Iron on White Vinyl


Visit my Cricut Design Project link for these designs, download the Cricut Design app here

Or you can download my design here if you have another iron on system, I broke up Santa Baby into two separate jpegs so you can move around where you want.


The designs are for any tee shirt or sweatshirt, not just toddler size 😉 We live in Arizona, so sweatshirts are not as common, which is why I made t shirts for Cole. We often wear a sweater of coat over our t-shirts, there is no need to really bundle up here. Do not hate on me, we have 120 degree Summers, we get our payback later and ironically we wear sweaters in Summer because places are SO air conditioned they are freezing.

Now that I do SO many Cricut projects because I have become obsessed, I added a Cricut tag to all my posts, you can find all the Cricut projects here.

be merry pink and red tee shirt in a christmas tree

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