DIY Star Confetti Fairy Wands

fairy wand crafts for kids

Our family recently watched all the Harry Potter movies, the girls are now (rightfully so) obsessed. They have been shouting spells at watch other, so I suppose I have wizards, witches and wands on my mind.  A recent outing at the craft store for other supplies I needed, I spotted these clear stars that are made to be fillable ornaments.  A light bulb went off and I decided to come up with some way to make wands for the kids.  I had many craft fails while doing it (had to buy some more stars) and I finally came up with the perfect way of making the star confetti wand.  I know these are not very Harry Potter-ish, but the girls do not mind at all.   

The fairy wands are also perfect to go with a Halloween costume for Halloween.  You can recreate the star fairy wand for a fairy costume, Harry Potter costumes, witch costumer, magician, wizard, the costume ideas go on and on!

The step by step DIY for the fairy (or Harry Potter) wands is below. 

fairy wand crafts for kids

How to Make Magical Star Confetti Wands

Fillable Plastic Stars

Wooden Dowel



Multiple ribbons, yarn

Options to fill:


Wooden Beads

Colorful Beads (I cannot find exact ones I used)

I did not take a photo of this step as it is a bit nerve wracking but I got the system down pat very quickly.  Take the drill and match up the size bit to your dowel, drill very carefully and slowly not to break the plastic, I broke one star.  There are two methods- do the exact size of the bit and thread the dowel thru the hole.  Glue the tip of the dowel to top of star so the dowel does not move within the star.

The other method is to make the hole slightly smaller than the dowel (I accidentally made the hole for the dowel a tad too small on one of my last stars.)  The dowel only fit slightly on the bottom but held the wand stable. So I super glued it and it is working.  It looks a bit prettier than having the dowel through the entire wand, but the confetti does cover it up as well.

confetti wand for kdis

Fill the side of the star with confetti and more without the dowel in it.  

The stars join together (they are fillable ornaments) however, if you are giving these to kids (I’m assuming) you want to glue the stars to each other so they do not hit it and immediately open up the stars and pour confetti all over the place.  Use SUPERglue to glue these stars, superglue is clear and will not show on the star wand.  You need the superglue because the kids are playing with the wands and we do not want the wands opening and confetti everywhere.

Before glueing the stars to each other, I kept checking if I had enough confetti to my liking 🙂 

Tie your ribbons/yarn, pipe cleaners to the base of the star.  I liked to use a pipe cleaner because the stiff wire makes it easier for the ribbon to go to side.  On one of the stars, I also covered the wooden dowel with some ribbon (top photo, middle wand)

I think these make a very affordable party favor (especially with COVID and maybe having two people at your party, haha) 

fairy wand crafts for kids

Here is one of my little fairies, I know you cannot see the wand as well in this photo but she was so happy to be a part of the photo shoot and said “I’m gonna be famous!”

fairy wand crafts for kids

confetti wand for kids

Enjoy your fairy wand this Halloween!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Hi! Do you have a link to the actual confetti you used for your DIY STAR CONFETTI FAIRY WANDS? They are adorable and we are recreating them for my daughters birthday party. Thank you 💛

  2. Scarlett Caruthers says:

    I can’t figure out how you drilled the hole. Did you put the star together and then drill or drill a hole in the bottom of just one of the sides of the Star?

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  4. Catherine says:

    These are beautiful!! How long were the dowels? 12in or longer? Can’t wait to make them for our daughters birthday.

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