How to Create A Modern Playoom

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One of my in-progress at home room makeovers is the playroom. I want a modern playroom space that is organized & minimal.   And obviously, I want it cute! Cute and modern is where my Cricut comes in! I wanted stackable stools to keep the space sleek and minimal. However, the stools were boring looking, so I used the Cricut Joy to create cute animal decals. Cole is a bit too big to sit on the stool and uses them as tables. The girls, however can sit for their tea parties.

The first step for the playroom was to throw away and give away all unnecessary toys.
The kids pretty much play with the same toys over and over. Therefore, we kept those toys, our art drawer, music instrument station and board games. The playroom looks so much better! We were able to contain the board games and large toys into the closets. Most of Cole’s toys are modern and cute, so I leave those out and get baskets for everything else! 
The second step for the modern playroom was the painted rainbow mural (you can find the how to for the rainbow mural here) 
The third and final step are the accessories- for example, art, seating and more.  
We needed seating and tables for art projects, tea parties and more (Cole likes to race cars on every surface)  so the stacking stools were perfect instead of purchasing a large table and chairs that would take up a lot of room.  
Cole’s current favorite animal is a bear so he insisted on posing near that stool the entire time, although he will not stay still, so this photo was the best of the bunch haha.
A must have for this Cricut project is transfer tape. I only discovered transfer tape a couple projects back and now I swear by it.  You apply the transfer tape to your design, apply pressure with the tool. Pull up transfer tape and the decal well Ed here. You then apply the transfer tape to the stool or whatever surface you are using, grab the blank tool and apply pressure. Slowly pull the transfer tape off the stool and you are done. The transfer tape allows for a completely straight decal.

modern kid play stools with animal faces


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