Epic Modern Halloween Party

After last year and COVID (blech, talk about scary) where we did not trick or treat For Halloween we had a party with a couple of the girls’ friends that were in our quarantine pod.
We liked the party so much this year we decided to have another one a week before Halloween, as we are trick-or-treating this year.
We had a blast, and I had so much fun decorating. Here is a long list of photos for ideas- Below the gallery of photos are all the resources and links where you can pick up items AND ideas that you can just pick up at grocery or with stuff around house. 
Various Table Decor

Media Console Decor


Easy decorations to buy at grocery store or you may have in your house already! 
Cheesecloth for ghosts, tablecloths & covering art in your home
Flowers (I like to use purple and white for halloween)- Place in a pumpkin vase OR
Skeleton vase shown above, he had an open bottom which is why I chose that skeleton (found at Spirit Halloween)  I spray painted mine white, cut out top of his head and put a glass inside the skeleton- add flowers!
Ghosts in jars– grab some jars around house and put ghosts/other creepy items inside
Make a ghost w cheesecloth for an easy, affordable ghost!
Empty Bottles– I saved some clear wine bottles and added taper candles, I put these outside so used ones that drip- light the taper candles before party so they drip all over glass a bit
Sources and Links- many of the amazon ones are available for shipment via prime-
Banners- I picked up holographic letters at 5 and Below- Saying ideas for your Halloween banners- I smell children, Have a Ghoul Time, Boo Bash, Hocus-Pocus
Bats, bats and bats they come in large, affordable packs and add to any blank spaces on the wall to make it an easy Halloween party decoration
Cauldrons/buckets (99cent store/5&Below)- I use the Halloween buckets the kids already have (they have non pop culture cute ones) for collecting candy and I use cauldrons as bowls for snacks/candy/favors & get a bigger one for your cold icy beverages!
Skeleton hands (found all over)– perfect for holding some flowers out to a guest (also makes great table decor- have it crawling towards food like my BOO charcuterie board!  
Hazard tape (We used Haunted Keep Out on our bedroom door so the kids would not play in there) Rest were around front doors etc…
Remote controlled tea lights – with kids I do not want real tea lights everywhere, so I have a couple packs of remote controlled tea lights and put them all over- lighting makes it spookier!  I like this color a lot for Halloween instead of the bright white
Dripless Real Taper Candles – on top of my fireplace where the children cannot reach, I line it with a bunch of candleholders.  Inside I use dripless and smokeless taper candles so I do not get wax everywhere.
Remote controlled taper candles– We had them from our Harry Potter party and for the Halloween party I lined the hallway with them!  I linked the flickering candles- much better for the spooky feel!
These are all over Etsy-
Need a link I forgot- leave a comment or message me on insta!

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