DIY Macrame Ghost Decoration

We all know I love our macrame rainbows- I made a macrame rainbow ornament, macrame rainbow keychain and macrame rainbow essential oil diffusers … I thought you got sick of them but they are still top performing posts so you must love rainbows too! 

It being Halloween now, I thought making a ghost is so similar to a rainbow, I should try it out!

Here are the steps for building each level (photos are from rainbow macrame tutorial). for the ghost however, you do not want the space in the middle of the rainbow, you want each level to be touching so that the shape is closed like a ghost figure.

Materials to make a Macrame Ghost:


Steel wire (the steel wire allows the rope to bend the way you want) 

Yarn (I used all white for my ghost) 

Glue (or sew the rope together)

Felt or vinyl cutter for the eyes and you can make a mouth too!

1) Cut rope lengths for each portion of your ghost, each length a little shorter than the rope length one before.  I did three sections for the ghost.
2) Cut the wire a little bit shorter than the individual ropes.
3) Tie a knot on one end (I double knot all the knots) and begin to wrap the yarn around the wire and the rope and repeat until each arch is covered (leaving the frayed part undone for the “cloud”) Tie a knot at end and cut excess yarn.
4) Tie a yarn loop on the top layer so that you can hang your ghost wherever you want!
5) Shape your ropes to all touch (no middle section open like the rainbow) and Glue all the rope lengths together.

diy steps for rainbow keychain or diffuserWhile the ghost version still looks rainbow-ish, the eyes makes it all!

I made my eyelashes using my Cricut Joy but you can cut out circles with black felt- whatever you may choose for your ghost face! Use it as a cute charm for decor, to add to a Boo Basket and more for your Halloween decorations.

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