Halloween Free Printable Pin the Spider On The Web

pin the spider on the web halloween game

Here is a new one- Free Halloween Printable- Pin a Boo on A Ghost!   Follow me on instagram for updates and more Halloween fun!

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As part of my make Halloween so much fun the kids do not notice they are not going trick or treating, I created a pin the spider on the web printable poster for a fun party game! Check out my pink halloween chocolate candy bark here for more Halloween treats this year of covid.

Download Free Pin the Spider on the Web Halloween Poster Printable– the size is 20X30, I get mine printed at Walgreens, CVS or Costco, depending upon who has best sale (they almost always have 50-60% off the poster size)

pin the spider on the web halloween game

For the spiders the kids can pin, you can purchase already made spiders (there are foam ones, sticker, and pom pom ones, it goes on the many spiders you can buy). 

We cut out spiders using this cutie template (you will have to adjust the size for printing) 


Happy Halloween!!! Please let me know if you use the printable would love to make kids happier this Halloween season!

pin the spider on the web halloween game

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