Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt


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This Halloween, I am giving the kids a candy scavenger hunt as a fun way to celebrate Halloween and a form of trick or treat without going house to house. I included 25 Halloween themed scavenger hunt clues that anyone can use at home (the kids can find things on shelves, chairs, beds, etc…). Only one clue has a specific item- a couch that is blue, cross out couch and replace with anything blue around your home. The clues also have cute little Halloween images!  I will be placing candy around each clue for each of the 3 kids, the girls will be told not to take their little brother’s candy, however, I can see Cole stealing their candy lol!

So, hand your kids the first clue and watch them run around and collect candy around the house.  

Not mommy but a mummy!  He hid candy where you feed your tummy.

Every scavenger clue rhymes, which in my opinion, makes it more fun.  I visit the to help create the rhymes if you would like to make one yourself!

Print out the Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt Here

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