DIY Pink Iridescent Mirror

I have had this DIY mirror done forever… but I am still figuring out this whole freaking 3 kids thing and just getting around to posting it. (send help, wine and non judgmental advice) But, I digress… I wanted something in my crazy plant lady room to reflect more of the plants and it never hurts to add a dash of pink to anything in my humble opinion. I used the same material from my holographic plant DIY and the paper comes in a TON of colors. So, if pink is not your thing (although if you read A Bubbly Life, I am guessing you may like pink a LITTLE bit) you can pick a different color for your mirror.

Shiny Adhesive Paper (I used Bright Pink)
Round Mirror (I thrifted this one, but an easy trick to find round mirrors on the cheap is to pick up candle mirrors at your craft store)
Scissors or Craft Knife
Credit card (or the proper DIY material that gets creases and bubbles out of paper)

As usual, very simple instructions, I think with a newborn and 2 other kids, I may get even less complicated than I was with my DIYs and maybe I will be doing more cocktails 😉 …

I wanted a dipped look for the mirror and covered some in the paper and used the cutter to cut alongside. How much or how little you want iridescent is all you!
Remove paper and stick on mirror!

Using a credit card, work out any bubbles and lines that pop out. Some paper rolls come with more lines, which can be pretty annoying, I supposed it is how the seller at Amazon packs/stores them.

card smoothing down paper bubbles

One of the things I love about the effect of the paper is the color looks different dependent upon the angle. As you can see from some of the pictures, it can appear like a bold pink or more translucent. It depends on lighting in room at time and angle. Very cool.

In writing this post, I realized I have done quite a few mirrors over the years, I guess I like them! I still have every one hung in the house (kinda amazing since I sell or donate a lot of my DIYs) tbh, I would like a different large mirror in our entryway (the large copper round mirror linked below) the mirror is jacked and makes things (like me) look wide. Or it is the only mirror in my house that is accurate and therefore still needs to gtfo.

DIY Wooden Bunny Mirror
DIY Small Copper Mirror
DIY Large Copper Mirror
DIY Wood Jewelry Organizer (it has a mirror on it…)

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