Top Ten Posts of 2018

I hope 2019 brings you lots of joy, strength, beauty and light. Thank you for reading and following along, I truly wouldn’t be able to do this job without you and am very grateful. And, now these were your favorites for the year! You also loved Cole’s Birth Story and Our Maternity Shoot but I left those out to only include production posts- but I am so very happy those two personal were in top ten, so glad you enjoyed reading!!

Number 10- Girls’ Shared Room Reveal

Number 9- Classic Pink Lady Cocktail

Number 8 Weekly Menu Planner Printable

pink black and white christmas ornaments with funny sayings

Number 7- DIY Christmas Sayings Ornaments

Number 6- Rainbow Flowers Centerpiece

hangers with compliments stickered on them

Number 5- DIY Compliment Hangers

Number 4- Master Bedroom Update HOME

Number 3- Pink Iridescent Mirror

Number 2- Holiday Cherry 7UP® Punch Recipe
Wow, a very new one, but must be popular for the holidays!

Number One- DIY All Purpose Natural Lemon & Lavender Cleaner

This cleaner smells so good and is an all natural cleaner I particularly love to use since I have a baby that licks and sticks anything in his mouth.

I’m so glad that a couple sponsored posts made the top ten, I do my best to seamlessly integrate paid content that resonates with me and I am so glad it resonates with you, too! Thank you and look forward to 2019!


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  1. Indya | The Small Adventurer says:

    So many fun posts from 2018! I love that so many of your DIY posts show what a difference something as small as stickers can make. I loved the DIY sayings ornaments as soon as I saw them, and adding funny + uplifting quotes to your hangers is sure to improve your overall mood and level of confidence when you’re getting dressed in the morning! Such great ideas ☺️

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